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Software categories are groups of software. They allow software to be understood in terms of those categories instead of the particularities of each package. Different classification schemes consider different aspects of software.

The operating system is a type of system software kernel that sits between computer hardware and end user. It is installed first on a computer to allow devices and applications to be identified and therefore functional.

System software is the first layer of software to be loaded into memory every time a computer is powered up.

Suppose a user wants to write and print a report to an attached printer. A word processing application is required to accomplish this task.

Data input is done using a keyboard or other input devices and then displayed on the monitor. The prepared data is then sent to the printer.

In order for the word processor, keyboard, and printer to accomplish this task, they must work with the OS, which controls input and output functions, memory management, and printer spooling.

Today, the user interacts with the operating system through the graphical user interface (GUI) on a monitor or touchscreen interface.

The desktop in modern OSs is a graphical workspace, which contains menus, icons, and apps that are manipulated by the user through a mouse-driven cursor or the touch of a finger. The disk operating system (DOS) was a popular interface used in the 1980s.

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3D Analysis (14)

3D Animation (77)

3D CAD (22)

3D Designing (25)

3D Material Rendering (7)

3D Modelling (7)

3D Printing (5)

3D Visualization (15)

Accounting (38)

AdBlocker (3)

Analysis (32)

Analytics (19)

Android (2)

Anti Spyware (2)

Antivirus (1)

Architecture (1)

Audio Processing (18)

Authoring (51)

Automation (9)

Backup Recovery (4)

Backup Tool (5)

Benchmarking (4)

Biomedical (1)

BPM Software (1)

browsers (23)

Burning (32)

Business (3)

CD DVD Tools (78)

CFD Tool (1)

Chat (18)

Circuit Designing (49)

Civil Engineering (20)

CNC (5)

CNC Machines (17)

Code Obfuscation (3)

Communication (2)

Compilers (17)

Complex Processing (2)

Compression (31)

Computational Fluid Dynamics (6)

Construction (8)

Converters (151)

Data Modeling (1)

Data Recovery (134)

Database (61)

Database Conversion (2)

Debugger (1)

Design (233)

Designing Tool (5)

Development (10)

Disk Management (4)

Download Managers (4)

Drawing (1)

Drivers (1)

Education (2)

Electrical Engineering (1)

Emulators (1)

Engineering (10)

File Sharing (1)

Game Maker (1)

Games (0)

Graphic Design (7)

Home Design (1)

Icons Design (4)

Image Editors (4)

Image Managers (6)

Image Viewer (1)

Internet (1)

Iphone (2)

Localization (1)

Machine Tools (1)

Management (55)

Manufacturing (3)

Maps Creation (1)

Mobile (2)

MultiLingual (1)

Multimedia (6)

Music (1)

Network (5)

OCR (1)

Office Tools (3)

Operating Systems (11)

Optimization (7)

Panoramic Images (1)

PCB Design (1)

PDF Editors (3)

Photo Editing (6)

Portable Apps Creator (1)

Process Control System (3)

Programming (1)

Scanning (1)

Screen Recording (4)

Sculpting (1)

Security (4)

Setup Creation (1)

Simulation (3)

simulators (3)

Softwares (170)

Sports (1)

Statistical (1)

Streaming (2)

surveillance (2)

System Tuning (9)

Text Editors (9)

Translation (3)

Typing (7)

UML Modelling (1)

Uninstaller (5)

Utilities (22)

Vector Animation (1)

Video Converter (3)

Video Editing (17)

Virtual Tours (1)

Virtualization (15)

Visual Effects (6)

Voice Control (3)

Webcam (17)

Website Design (58)